AgilePQ’s Centri Acquisition Cements its Position at the Forefront of IoT Cybersecurity

AgilePQ’s Centri Acquisition Cements its Position at the Forefront of IoT Cybersecurity

Salt Lake City, Utah, March 11, 2020 - OpinePR 🎯 AgilePQ, a software company providing highly advanced data security for the Internet of Things (IoT) and post-quantum computing, formally announced its acquisition of Centri, an IoT cybersecurity company known for technology that performs over-the-air retrofits of existing devices. “Centri’s technology is a force multiplier with AgilePQ,” said Paul Clayson, AgilePQ’s chief executive officer.  “Centri and AgilePQ have been building different but complimentary world-class solutions for a market suffering from massive data breaches.  This combination strengthens the solutions of each company in post-quantum cybersecurity technology and expands our experienced and talented team of security engineers.  The core Centri technology particularly aids our delivery in providing end-to-end security for mobile network operators using a variety of cellular and wireless protocols to connect IoT devices,” According to Michael Mackey who came to AgilePQ in the acquisition and now serves the company’s chief technology officer, “While robust, Centri’s technology was based on legacy encryption that will become increasingly vulnerable in the future and which already cannot fit on resource constrained IoT devices.  And we were not alone.  We see companies of all sizes relying on last century’s secure methods to protect themselves as we enter the era of quantum computers.  AgilePQ offers a solution that is as elegant as it is powerful.  With an incredibly small footprint that allows it to fit on any device and provide post-quantum protection it will define the future of security.  We now deliver fully encrypted, post-quantum security to the smallest of IoT devices (Class 0-2 devices).  We can deploy on a SIM card, as a direct software integration, embedded in a processor or through other delivery methods.” As part of the acquisition, AgilePQ now deploys the benefits of nine Centri patents to add to its portfolio of 17 issued, and 16 pending patents—all focused on data security and cryptographic implementation. To learn how AgilePQ’s technology solutions can integrate with your products, either in development or already deployed, visit


About AgilePQ AgilePQ provides quantum-safe enterprise and cellular Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, with offices in Seattle, the company has developed a complete IoT endpoint security solution for the evolving edge that is quantum-safe. The AgilePQ SLiM IoT solution fits in 2.4 KB and can confidently provision, deploy, identify, authenticate, and authorize all IoT devices, no matter how small. SLiM integrates seamlessly with an organization’s existing network and cloud infrastructure, including endpoint devices incapable of using legacy IPSec.

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