Bitspawn Gets Early Seed Round Backing From Dextforce Ventures

Bitspawn Gets Early Seed Round Backing From Dextforce Ventures

Cayman Islands-based esports platform Bitspawn is proud to announce that DextForce Ventures has invested and led its seed round. This comes in support of Bitspawn’s focus on creating a platform where gamers can monetize their gameplay. Dext Force ventures, a venture capital fund, is a subsidiary of the extremely popular Dext Tools platform

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tournaments featuring semi-professionals and amateur players. However, due to many reasons, tournament players and winners often don’t get their due. Bitspawn is looking to change this by ensuring players have access to a platform where they can monetize their gameplay without the bureaucratic bottleneck that comes with winning prizes.

Eric Godwin, CEO of Bitspawn Foundation and a video game player for over 20 years, described the company’s motivations by saying, “I have used the platforms that are out there and have been disappointed with the user experience and see a lot of room for improvement in esports software solutions. I have personally experienced being ripped off by event organizers, had to deal with the tedious game result submission process, and slow payouts. I created Bitspawn to help the millions of players out there competing in esports that are getting burned by the platforms that they use.”

Godwin further revealed that the Cayman Island based Bitspawn platform uses blockchain technology and an in-house proprietary backend that can be used to create smart contracts for tournaments and distribute earnings, already held in escrow, to the winning players at the end of the competition. With this, Bitspawn will effectively solve the bottleneck while guaranteeing players their winnings within minutes through an instant and secure channel. Through the Bitspawn solution, winning players will be able to withdraw real money from the platform for their efforts.

To make this a reality, Bitspawn needs funding and, as such, launched the Bitspawn Private Sale, led by DextForce subsidiary Dext Force Ventures. DEXTForce is a powerful group of experienced and committed DeFi traders and investors interested in combining investment capacity, especially on early-stage projects.

Now leading the early seed round, Dext Force Ventures noted, “The goal of the initiative is not to secure highly discounted allocations of a multitude of random early-stage projects, but rather to identify a select few highly researched, uniquely positioned and well-managed projects where the likeliness of success is high.”

DEXTForce Ventures is proud to be partnering with Bitspawn in a meaningful way to ensure the success of both parties.

Bitspawn Foundation is based at 64 Earth Cl, West Bay, Cayman Islands and can be reached via phone at 1 833-772-9644 or email at Visit their website for more information.

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