Coronavirus Drives Need For Quick Response Clean-up Swat Teams

Coronavirus Drives Need For Quick Response Clean-up Swat Teams

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., March 10, 2020 - OpinePR 🎯-- is the first mobile cloud web-based program to help companies and organizations respond faster to onsite sanitary care needs in these times of coronavirus. Everyone has much higher expectations for cleanliness everywhere they go according to Steve Schau, founder of People expect companies and organizations to have extremely clean facilities 100% of the time which is never easy when people traffic is also high. Sign

As coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts business and nonprofit organizations, facility and maintenance personnel need more tools to keep onsite or in-store customers, employees, visitors, etc. safe and healthy. Hundreds of CEOs in the last week sent out emails explaining their organization's new enhanced cleaning procedures due to the outbreak of coronavirus. works by having convenient signs or posters in restrooms and common areas of a building. The signs have a printed easy-to-use URL which employees or customers can open on their phones to report a sanitary care need. The user can rate the situation from one to five stars in terms of urgency and they can leave a description of sanitary care need. Once submitted the information is texted to facility or maintenance personnel alerting them of a urgent sanitary care need and the location of the clean-up. uses texting, cloud and the ubiquity of the phone to empower tens, hundreds or thousands of customers, employees to act as additional "eyes on the ground" for sanitary care needs throughout expansive buildings, stores and complexes so sanitary care needs can be cleaned up sooner helping businesses keep areas cleaner, safer and healthier for everyone.

Leaders in business, nonprofit, and government are taking unprecedented steps to keep their buildings safe and healthy. From Erik and Pete Nordstrom to Kurt Stache, SVP of American Airlines, CEOs and top managers are communicating their added enhanced cleaning efforts. helps organizations become better prepared for the arrival of coronavirus and other sanitary care needs and people and communities become increasingly aware of the cleanliness of their surroundings when at work, traveling or shopping.

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