DevGraph CloudFix Optimizes AWS Cloud Costs

DevGraph CloudFix Optimizes AWS Cloud Costs

CloudFix Now Offers Financial Optimization in Addition to Resource Cost Optimization

Austin, July 28, 2021 - OpinePR 🎯 – Companies now have twice the opportunity to reduce Amazon Web Services costs. The DevGraph CloudFix platform combines new financial management features with existing resource optimization to double the potential to reduce your AWS bill. CloudFix now optimizes Convertible Reserved Instances and could save up to 50% on EC2 costs.

“While we’ve all saved on infrastructure costs by going to the cloud, there’s still room for savings, “says Andy Price, CFO, ESW Capital. “Adding the financial optimization doubles the cost saving opportunities. The best part is finance teams can achieve these Reserved Instance savings without the help of DevOps teams.”

With this release, CloudFix’s cost optimization capabilities include the ability to reduce both resource-related costs and billing-related costs.

  • Resource savings opportunities include recommendations related to resources such as converting EBS gp2 volumes to gp3. In these cases, your Engineering / DevOps teams decide if they want to accept the recommendations.

  • Billing-related cost savings include optimizing convertible Reserved Instances, which is under the domain of the FinOps team. The CRI optimizer measures usage of instance types, accounts for the variety of discount levels for regional instance families, and recommends cost saving activities, which can save up to 50% on EC2 compute expenses.

The optimization recommendations are administered via specific steps: review, approve, and execute.

CloudFix already delivers major cost savings with resource optimization - monitoring resource usage across AWS accounts and executing cost-cutting fixes to realize immediate savings.

For more information about how CloudFix works, check out the related blog.

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