Digital Dreams Project Launched By PlanITROI - To Help Millions Of U.S. Children In Need


New Jersey Firm Launches Digital Dreams Project to Bring Awareness to Where You Can Donate or Trade-in Idle Computing Devices for Students to Learn.

DENVILLE, N.J. – September 14, 2020 - OpinePR 🎯 -- It is estimated that 15 million households in the U.S. do not have broadband internet access. Additionally, at least 35 percent of those households do not have access to adequate computers to enable their children to participate in remote schoolwork -- a problem made only worse in the time of COVID.

In response, a new initiative the Digital Dreams Project (DDP) -- is being launched to target millions of idle computers in U.S. homes and businesses to make a real difference in the lives of millions of school children.

Manufacturers are averaging two-year backlogs to meet the global demand for new entry level computers for students. The DDP was established to fill that demand for students in need by breathing fresh life into idle devices Americans already have in their homes and businesses. DDP reclaims, refurbishes, and then redistributes idle computers to underserved and disadvantaged students.

PlanITROI CEO and DDP founder Paul Baum said: “There is an estimated one-five idle computers todays in 100 million American homes. And there are millions more computers gathering dust in offices across America. We can use these computers now to fill the digital divide and to help students learn. The Digital Dreams Project needs your idle computing donations or trade-ins to make that work.”

The DDP, powered by PlanITROI, was announced at the International Association of IT Asset Managers virtual ACE 2020 conference.

Baum speaks from authority on this topic since PlanITROI has refurbished and distributed computers to over 7,000,000 individuals since 2011, making PlanITROI a U.S. leader in ensuring that affordable technology is available for all that need it.

The goal of the Digital Dreams Project is to get one million devices into the hands of students by the end of the 2021 school year. Individuals, corporations and consumers can participate in the following ways:

  • Donate Devices. Donate your devices today for a student to use to complete their homework. The Digital Dreams Project donation process is easy and streamlined. Not only will your device help to ignite the dreams of children, you’ll prevent e-waste and your donation will be completely tax deductible.

  • Trade-in Devices. Have one or more digital devices in good condition that you no longer need? PlanITROI will purchase your devices to unlock its untapped value to help students gain access to their education, achieve their full potential, and dream without limitations.

  • Start a Team. By joining together, PlanITROI, corporate partners and individuals can collect idle devices from communities across the country and transform them into the keys that unlock the power of education for students.


PlanITROI, Inc. refurbishes retired devices giving them a second life focused on conquering the digital divide. PlanITROI, Inc. is a certified “Great Place To Work” company that values “People First” and its passion is to “Change Lives with Affordable Technology.” As a fast-growing, innovative, fun place to work we are all driven to change the world by disrupting how Enterprises, Education & Government Institutes, OEMs, Retailers, Resellers and Leasing companies make decisions on the best place for their retired or returned assets to go next.

PlanITROI’s proven and guaranteed process of resale of our clients’ products direct to the next user with phenomenal customer service and typically, longer warranties than brand new assets, guarantees the most secure and highest recovery for all types of computing, mobile, infrastructure and consumer electronics. We are proud to be a key supplier of recertified assets to Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, CDW, NewEgg, eBay and many others.

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