Doctolib partners with Tanker to bring end-to-end encryption to medical data


Doctolib partners with Tanker to bring end-to-end encryption to medical data

With COVID-19 and the extensive usage of public cloud for teleconsultations and meetings, data security has become even more important when dealing with sensitive data.

June 19, 2020 - OpinePR 🎯 Doctolib has been working with Tanker for the last two and a half years, in an effort to go beyond the current state of the art of data security. Together, Doctolib and Tanker took a lot of care in building a platform that makes end-to-end encryption easy to integrate in mass-market applications whilst maintaining an unchanged user experience. This partnership resulted in the integration of end-to-end encryption for end-users of Doctolib’s products. In practice, Tanker’s technology enables Doctolib to elevate the confidentiality of doctor-patient relationship to the next level, making it the most secure eHealth solution available on the market.

Enrollment will begin this summer to reach 40 million patients and 125,000 healthcare professionals using Doctolib.

With 4.6 million teleconsultations since the beginning of the pandemic, it demonstrates once again the Doctolib’s leadership in the global eHealth sector, and blazes the trail of the new standard for medical data security.

Both Doctolib and Tanker believe that end-to-end encryption will become the new standard for user data security, not only when dealing with medical data, but in every application processing sensitive user data.

“ At Doctolib, we believe in a human and ethical innovation in healthcare. We work hard every day to make this vision real. The protection of our user’s personal data is our first duty. Today’s decision to generalize end-to-end encryption on Doctolib is the best example of this. Doctolib intends this radical method to become a standard in Europe”

Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Doctolib CEO

“ Security, encryption, and cryptography are complex strategic matters. Our purpose is to make those complex topics simple and Doctolib has been the perfect partner and use case for our approach. Tanker aims to be the missing link between the public cloud and data security”

Clément Ravouna, Tanker CEO


Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the leading ehealth company in Europe. Doctolib offers doctors a software solution with a full range of services to help improve the efficiency of their operations, provide their patients with a more seamless experience, find new patients and collaborate with other doctors. Doctolib offers easier access to healthcare for patients by allowing them to find nearby healthcare professionals, book appointments online 24/7 and access video consultations and the record of these consultations. The company today employs 1,400 staff in 40 cities in France and Germany. It collaborates with 125,000 professionals and 2,300 healthcare facilities and has over 50 million visits from patients on its services every month.


Founded in 2015, Tanker started out by creating an encryption layer for Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. From this, we learned that security at the core always works better than as an add-on. In 2017, we decided to leverage our knowledge to provide a new way to secure data in applications: from the inside. We extracted our core encryption technology and packaged it into SDKs. We spent the past two and a half years in stealth mode, expanding our technology, adding all necessary features for seamless integration in any application, and scaling to millions of users. Tanker today offers end-to-end encryption as well as client-side anonymization, allowing more secure and compliant data processing in the cloud.


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