Emergency Message for All Businesses: Traci.net and Threat Protector Have Partnered to Protect You!

Emergency Message for All Businesses:

Traci.net and Threat Protector Have Partnered to Protect You!

Boca Raton, Fla., April 6th, 2021 OpinePR 🎯 Traci.net and Threat Protector are partnering up this spring to better protect all businesses from cybercrime while improving their communications at all levels.

As both companies are based out of South Florida they have seen what happened to The Broward Public School System this past week when it had a mysterious outage rendering students unable to connect with their teachers or enter classrooms for online learning.

Threat Protector believes proper education is important when it comes to cyber security and Traci.net believes that streamlined communications is the cornerstone of any successful business.

When a ransomware gang attacked locally, Carl Katz, Senior VP Worldwide Partner Sales for Threat Protector, spoke up.

“Cyber Security education and mitigation strategies are a critical layer of protection from cyber criminals!” he said. This is exactly why he dedicates his time to helping others sort out their cyber security needs!

Traci.net’s mission is “to enhance a broad range of communications products and services through proactive interaction with their customers.”

While both companies continuously meet and exceed their clients’ expectations, they are actively building a partnership that will impact their customers and consumers even more positively.

“In such an ever-evolving world we have never needed communication more and according to recent events you see that in these crisis situations both communication and cyber security are equally important, which is why we are looking forward to working with Treat Protector,” said Darain Gull, General Manager of Traci.net.


TRACI.net provides communications consulting to companies big and small. They specialize in Server Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Internet Access, Nationwide dial-up and wholesale web hosting. They pride themselves in their commitment to customer service. Being an employee-owned company, each interaction with TRACI.net puts you in touch with a shareholder.

TRACI.net is also one of the largest privately held voice service providers in the state of Florida. Their diverse portfolio of products and services, along with a commitment to stay at the forefront of the Communications Industry, is the reason for their thirty years of success.

TRACI.net is dedicated to providing customized solutions to meet business requirements. They have the resources to keep their customers at the forefront of the Information Age.

For more information, visit http://traci.net/.


Threat Protector is a team of free-thinking individuals, who look at IT security issues from an end-user perspective. Where other companies may value profits over customer satisfaction, we value, putting it plain and simple, their security. We are driven every day to provide real world cybersecurity solutions that protect our customers from ever-evolving threats.

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