env0 Featured in 451 Research Report on Platform Agnostic Infrastructure-as-Code Automation

env0 Featured in 451 Research Report on Platform Agnostic Infrastructure-as-Code Automation Company Eyes Terraform Automation & Collaboration Software (TACOS) Category as Development Practices Evolve TEL AVIV, Israel & SUNNYVALE, Calif. – September 1, 2021 OpinePR 🎯 -- env0, a provider of automated, collaborative remote-run workflow management for cloud deployments, today announced it has been featured in a new 451 Research (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence) Impact Report titled, “env0 envisions itself as a platform-agnostic infrastructure-as-a-code automator.” In the report, env0 was recognized for its “Git-influenced, DevOps inspired TACOS approach” to cloud management. env0 has developed a collaborative remote-run workflow management platform that is gaining industry traction as customers seek to simplify the governance of cloud deployments. The company automates the provisioning of Terraform, Terragrunt and other IaC workflows while providing visibility, predictability and governance on cloud deployments. With the technology, DevOps professionals easily establish RBAC, cost, OPA and other guardrails for users who can apply infrastructure changes and set up relevant rules for simple management and provisioning. According to the report, “The IaC automation scope of env0 is somewhat larger than just Terraform; the service supports Terragrunt (a Terraform wrapper with tools to reduce duplication across environments), although it also offers custom flows permitting integration with anything scriptable when creating, updating or destroying environments, including Ansible, AWS CLI, kubectl and custom application code. Likewise, env0 touts its relevancy beyond just that of a CI/CD pipeline tool, offering functionality for longitudinal management of workloads throughout the duration of the application lifecycle.” env0 is designed to suit the needs of organizations with specific requirements for custom operations, security, and unlimited monthly deployments. env0 provides enterprise-grade capabilities like SAML, SOC2 and self-hosted agents. The solution enables users and teams to jointly govern cloud deployments with self-service features and fully integrates with CI/CD pipelines and VCS tools, while also delivering full CLI support for a smooth and flawless process. “Engineering and developer enablement is increasingly common among the priorities cited, not just by players in the TACOS space, but also among competitive CMPs,” said James Sanders, Research Analyst, Cloud & Managed Services Transformation. “Development practices are changing in the age of 'cloud native.' The Git-influenced, DevOps-inspired TACOS approach is gaining traction among practitioners as a way to align with and integrate into existing practices.” [Footnote: 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, Coverage Initiation: env0 envisions itself as a platform-agnostic infrastructure-as-code automator, April 2021] “env0 is supporting customers with unprecedented capabilities as organizations seek to properly streamline and improve accountability for Infrastructure as Code deployment processes,” said Ohad Maislish, CEO & Co-founder of env0. “We invite DevOps professionals to download this report by the experts at 451 Research for an insightful perspective on the company and market.” To receive a complete copy of the 451 Research report on env0, send your request to contact@env0.com. Tweet This: @EnvZero featured by 451 Research for Platform Agnostic Infrastructure-as-Code Automation – https://www.env0.com/press-releases Supporting Resources Follow env0 online for the latest news and information. > env0 blog > Product video > LinkedIn > Twitter About env0

env0 automates and simplifies the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform, Terragrunt and IaC frameworks, offering a collaborative remote-run workflow management. Our powerful solution addresses the need for provisioning and compliance of changing cloud resources. env0 enables users and teams to jointly share configuration templates using remote state file storage to prevent drifts and accelerate code deployment. env0 fully integrates with CI/CD pipelines and VCS tools and delivers full CLI support to ensure a smooth, flawless process. env0 was founded by Ohad Maislish and Omry Hay in 2018 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a U.S. office located in the Silicon Valley.

For more information visit http://env0.com or follow @envZero

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