Kameleoon delivers ROI of 291% & $5.8M in benefits to enterprise organizations

Kameleoon delivers ROI of 291% and $5.8 million in benefits to enterprise organizations according to new Total Economic Impact study

Study conducted by an independent research firm confirms that Kameleoon’s testing and personalization platform improves conversion rates, increases cross-sell and reduces campaign costs

London, 2 October 2020 OpinePR 🎯 - Kameleoon today released a commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting, which highlights that enterprise organizations that deploy its AI-driven experimentation and personalization platform benefit from a three-year ROI of 291% and payback in under three months.

The study, titled The Total Economic Impact of Kameleoon, found that brands deploying Kameleoon obtained $5.8 million in benefits over three years, made up of increased e-commerce sales and revenues, improved engagement and reduced campaign setup time and resources.

Kameleoon is a powerful web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform for digital product owners and marketers who want to increase conversions and drive exponential online revenue growth. With features including A/B testing, user segmentation, behavioral targeting and real-time data, Kameleoon helps businesses to increase online conversions and maximise revenue.

Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with multiple Kameleoon customers across industries including e-commerce, travel, automotive and retail about their projected results. The insights from these interviews were used to develop a composite organization to quantify the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an investment in Kameleoon.

Benefits identified over a three year period include:

Up to 15% improvement in conversion rates by optimizing the web visitor experience and personalizing interactions toward improving conversion. This represents a three-year risk-adjusted benefit of $5,056,364 in present value.

Up to 30% increase in cross-sell transactions, with Kameleoon’s behavioral and contextual-based analysis enabling brands to increase the number of successful cross-selling campaigns. This represents a cumulative three-year risk-adjusted benefit of $577,728.

49% reduction in campaign setup effort. Kameleoon’s AI-powered personalization capabilities and dynamic allocation of web traffic to conversion propensity buckets significantly reduces the time needed to set up campaigns and design web experiences and interactions, while increasing marketers’ autonomy with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. This represents a benefit of $157,898 in present value over three years.

In addition, customers identified the following unquantified benefits:

Improved CX. By enabling the delivery of tailored content and messages, Kameleoon allows organizations to provide a relevant, personalized experience.

Increased employee experience (EX). Users feel more empowered as they can make simple changes and adjustments in matters of minutes, hence feeling more reactive and resilient — and more empowered in their work.

“Delivering a tailored, individual digital experience is now central to business success - with the pandemic accelerating the need for brands to focus on experimentation and personalization,” said Jean-René Boidron, CEO, Kameleoon. “This study and Forrester’s analysis demonstrate how the power and ease of use of Kameleoon supports enterprise customers in an increasingly competitive, digital-first world, delivering fast ROI and significant long-term financial benefits.”

Prior to using Kameleoon, client organizations either did not have any personalization capabilities at all or used A/B testing platforms that lacked predictive engines and propensity scoring. They felt they were lacking the capacity to boost conversion rates by enabling targeted web experience design.

According to a customer interviewed for this study, the product director at a travel company, “At the beginning, Kameleoon allowed a +30% efficiency gain. What’s most important, at the end of the pilot phase, we knew we had gained the right pace to scale the solution easily,”

To download the full study and to learn more about how Kameleoon can deliver ROI for your brand visit https://pages.kameleoon.com/en/total-economic-impact-kameleoon-study



About Kameleoon

Kameleoon enables brands to create truly individual digital experiences, personalizing the customer journey to maximize engagement and ensure brands reach and exceed their marketing goals.

Its web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform measures visitors’ purchasing intention in real-time and adapts messages, content, navigation and offers on all channels. With features including A/B testing, manual user segmentation, AI predictive targeting, customer behavior tracking and real-time data, Kameleoon delivers an improved experience for each and every visitor.

Over 450 major companies rely on Kameleoon, making it the top SaaS platform for AI-driven personalization in Europe. These include leaders in ecommerce and retail (Lidl, Cdiscount, Papier), media (Mumsnet, L’Equipe, Axel Springer), travel (SNCF, Campanile, Accor), automotive (Toyota, Renault, Kia), financial services (Axa, AG2R, Credit Agricole) and health (Providence). Kameleoon is achieving annual three figure growth in both customers and revenues.

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