NVP to Enter a Joint Venture with HiWay Media

NVP to Enter a Joint Venture with HiWay Media

Adding end-to-end streaming and OTT management to its production services

Roma, Italy _8 April, 2021 - OpinePR 🎯

Leading production company NVP will combine forces with innovative start-up HiWay Media to provide a comprehensive end-to-end media service for a range of clients, handling everything from the point of content creation to content delivery.

Building on the market leading position of NVP - who have been operating in the field of event and sports production for nearly 15 years and maintain a fleet of three 4K OB vans - the partnership will allow NVP to yet further extend their service provision and cement their position as innovators and market leaders, providing end-to-end solutions to media companies, federations, leagues, clubs, event organizers and promoters.

Through the collaboration, NVP will be able to take advantage of the innovations that HiWay Media have made in the field of streaming and OTT delivery, with a business model based on a tailored, customer-centric, fully configurable and flexible approach to network control and content delivery. Indeed, HiWay’s successes in this field – with projects already undertaken in Italy, Spain and Germany – have been recognised through the 2020 SportsPro OTT Awards, in the ‘Best Tech Start Up’ category.

For HiWay Media, the central benefit will be the ability to achieve much swifter market penetration of their innovative OTT delivery solutions, building on the back of NVP’s already-extensive client base, including as it does DAZN, Endemol, Eurosport, Ferrari, IMG, Infront, ISU, Magnolia, Mediapro, Mediaset, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Rai, Sky Italia and the UEFA.

The joint venture, which has in part been facilitated by IES Italia (an incubator and tech holding company), fuses together parts of NVP’s operations with those of Tangram Technology – experts in blockchain-based transcoding. Resultantly, whilst HiWay Media technically represents a start-up, with all of the agility and innovation mindset that comes with this – it also rests on a well-established base of industry knowledge and expertise.Together, the two companies will be able to deliver a comprehensive and seamlessly joined-up set of media services to clients, reducing the complexity and error that can come from working with disparate providers.

Moreover, with both entities maintaining a heavy focus on fan engagement and user experience – key elements within live event and sports production – clients will gain the capacity to create and deliver content that is not only technologically seamless, but which uses creativity and innovation to directly improve the content consumer’s experience.

Ivan Pintabona CTO of NVP commented: "At NVP, we have always maintained a well-defined future focus, and HiWay Media is integral to the culmination of our strategic five year vision; the ability to provide current and future partners with a complete and coordinated pool of services. This not only makes their media chains more efficient, but also providing them with the ability to offer end-users new experiences, new features, and new ways to consume and interact with content.“

Giuseppe Sampino, CEO of HiWay Media said: "NVP is synonymous with innovation and reliability in the market, and as such we are extremely proud to enter their network. In the era of digital revolution, sports and entertainment media play a central role; our mission is to continue to innovate by offering our partners solutions that allow them to streamline and simplify the processes behind video management. Of course, when we talk about live streaming to be delivered simultaneously to hundreds of thousands of users, the challenge is very demanding; HiWay Media comes into play by proposing itself as a digital tailor, developing fully customized solutions that meet every need and which always keep fan experience at the center of each project.“

The transaction is expected to close by April 30, 2021.

Further information on NVP and its services is available at https://www.nvp.it/

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About NVP

Founded in 2007 by brothers Ivan, Massimo and Natalino Pintabona, NVP provides a broad range of outside broadcast services to broadcast and corporate customers worldwide. Headquartered in Rome, the company also has offices in Messina, Naples and Milan. With 30 employees and a roster of 200 freelance staff, the company is divided into two business areas – one providing broadcast and OB truck services, and the other focusing on the creative aspects of delivering high quality content. This makes NVP uniquely capable of serving the broad range of requirements of a wide variety of companies.

About HiWay Media

HiWay Media is an innovative and award-recognised start-up that develops solutions for managing and distributing video streaming. Its OTT solutions include customisable design strategies and monatisation through flexible business models and ecommerce integration. In addition, content distribution can be managed in a more efficient, affordable and faster way through ComPress, a cloud-based platform that provides decentralised transcoding based on blockchain technology.

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Email: ivan.pintabona@nvp.it

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