Opine Media Group launches website www.opinemediagroup.com

Opine Media Group launches website www.opinemediagroup.com

Opine Media Group is a Targeted Social Media Marketing and Content Distribution Service. It is based on a “Social Media First” Approach. This means your content is targeted to our Social Media Network and Channels first and content is then posted to our web site. Our focus is on building out our network and “targeting” your content - not building out our web site with excess content and ads. (Most websites are polluted with ads to the point of “Ad-Nauseam”).

We accept content which is distribute to our 100,000 Twitter followers (Search Hashtag - #Opines) and to Linkedin, Facebook, Flipboard, Nuzzel an other Social Media Channels. While we focus on distribution of Press Releases and Blog Posts (Opines), we also accept the following content: Book Reviews, Career Posts, Events, Interviews, Surveys, Webinars, and WhitePapers. Our Social Media Network covers such topics as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing, Social Media, Information Technology, and other Technologies.

We only post content here that is directly submitted to us.

We are also looking to expand our Press Release services as we have had numerous requests to interview, Story Board and write Press Releases.

Thank you for those who have used our services in the past (check who uses our service here: https://bit.ly/36vy3Xr ) and look forward with working with new clients.

Gary E. Smith

Chief Opiner

Opine Media Group


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