Payspan Employs Datadobi to Help Simplify Healthcare Payments

Payspan Employs Datadobi to Help Simplify Healthcare Payments

Healthcare's Leading Provider of Payment and Reimbursement Solutions Migrates Business Critical Financial Data with DobiMigrate - Helps Payspan Meet PCI and HIPAA Compliance Regulations Mandates

Leuven, Belgium – April 14, 2020 – OpinePR 🎯- Datadobi®, the global leader in unstructured data migration software, today announced that Payspan®, a leading provider of automated payment and reimbursement solutions for health plans and providers, has employed DobiMigrate® to migrate business critical financial data, from its legacy network-attached storage (NAS) to a new NAS system.

As the nation's leading provider of automated payment and reimbursement solutions, Payspan has a huge network connecting over 600 health plans with 1.3 million provider payees and 100+ million consumers - a network that generates a lot of data. When Payspan began migrating their sensitive and complex healthcare-related data to a new NAS storage system, they quickly ran into major obstacles: long-running cutover windows caused by permission problems and deeply nested directory hierarchies. It was soon clear their internal tools were not equipped to handle the challenge. With more than a billion small, highly sensitive healthcare files at stake and time running out, Payspan knew they had a crucial decision to make. Payspan turned to trusted partner DefendX to recommend a new migration solution. Their answer? DobiMigrate.

"We needed to urgently migrate about 50 TBs of more than a billion very small, critical files for a financial application, in a PCI and HIPAA regulatory compliant fashion. We were encountering a number of issues such as long-running cutover windows caused by permission problems, deeply nested directory hierarchies, and overall complexity. It was clear our current tools were not up to the task. DefendX immediately pointed us to DobiMigrate," said Janice Martinez, IT Project Manager, Payspan. "Datadobi worked closely with us to pinpoint and resolve a number of issues. The final migration of over one billion files - some as small as just 1 KB, went smoothly - on time and on budget."

"With DobiMigrate, Payspan was able to move all the data without the directory structure impeding it and control performance without losing momentum, but without putting undue load on the source or target. This was important as they were dealing with production data that would be in use during scans," said Michael Jack, Vice President of Global Sales and Co-Founder, Datadobi. "In the end, instead of micro-managing a data migration project, and

putting out its associated fires, the Payspan IT team could get back to doing what they do best - adding value and supporting their organization's bottom-line business goal to empower the healthcare economy."

Added Martinez, "The people at Datadobi were the greatest asset. Out of all the vendors that we deal with - and there are many - the people at Datadobi were the best partners in caring about what we were doing and helping us to be successful."

Citing DobiMigrate's ease of use, accuracy, and reporting features, Payspan is already planning to use Datadobi for additional upcoming data migration projects.

To learn more, please read the Payspan case study in its entirety, found here:

About Payspan

Payspan is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare electronic payment and reimbursement automation services, leveraging the largest healthcare payment network to drive value-based care reimbursement, improve the patient experience and reduce costs for health plans and providers. Payspan connects more than 600 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees and 100+ million consumers to facilitate alternative payment and reimbursement solutions and the exchange of meaningful healthcare information.

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About Datadobi

Datadobi, a global leader in data management and storage software solutions, brings order to unstructured storage environments so that the enterprise can realize the value of their expanding universe of data. Their software allows customers to migrate and protect data while discovering insights and putting them to work for their business. Datadobi takes the pain and risk out of the data storage process, and does it ten times faster than other solutions at the best economic cost point. Founded in 2010, Datadobi is a privately held company headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, with subsidiaries in New York, Melbourne, Dusseldorf and London.

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