Report Reveals 93% of Fortune 500 Companies Have Domain Names With Security Risks

Updated: Mar 31

Report Reveals 93% of Fortune 500 Companies Have Domain Names With Security Risks

Only 7 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Have Their Digital Properties Setup Correctly

Seattle, March 31th, 2021 - OpinePR 🎯 -Online risk mitigation specialists DNProtect today released details of their market report that exposes a high number of security issues related to the domain names that Fortune 500 companies rely upon for business and consumer interaction. The report utilizes data obtained from their proprietary algorithm - known as DNP Score - and serves as an early warning indicator of possible security threats and open windows for domain theft or service disruption. The market release follows a number of recent high profile cases involving GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and other registrars where critical domain names were stolen, resulting in disruptions that can easily impact millions of Internet users.

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • Only seven percent of Fortune 500 companies have their domain names setup properly.

  • Eleven of the Fortune 500 companies had scores of 400 or less, indicating sizable risk for theft, loss, or service reduction.

  • Notably Amazon was in the worst bottom ten companies at the Fortune 500 level for security issues and setup errors.

  • Companies such as Target, Travelers, Kellogg, Farmers, and Booze Allen Hamilton came out on top for security readiness.

The report charts out online threat assessments for all Fortune 500 companies, with featured elements highlighted and the best companies recognized. The risk measurement tool uses the score of 750 to reflect the highest possible preparation against future security threats. The DNP Score algorithm is based off weighted calculations of DKIM, DMARC, DNSSEC, Email Blacklists, Creation Dates, Expiry Dates, Trademark and UDRP Histories, Malware Associations, Domain Reputations, Registrant Histories, IP Address Logs, Name Server Status, and other proprietary factors to determine a final risk actor. The company DNProtect made its debut in 2020, and has already recorded dozens of reported thefts and seizures that could have otherwise been avoided with their free analysis tool that grades any domain name with a detailed report. Their services also include theft recovery, as well as warranty programs to hedge against future domain loss and service reduction.

Download a PDF of the DNProtect Fortune 500 Security Report Here:

Media contacts or technology companies wanting to run their own websites can enter their domain name at for a free score.

For more information about DNP's calculations and reporting methodologies visit

For more information on DNProtect, the Fortune 500 report, or questions on the individual reports within this release contact:

Bill Hartzer Chief Data Scientist DNProtect Email: Phone: + Skype: BillHartzer

About DNProtect

DNProtect, a company that protects domain names from risk of loss due to legal, theft, or clerical issues, has developed the “DNP Score”, the first-ever risk score for domain names. DNP Score is like a personal credit score, but for domain names. The higher the score, the less risk. The lower the score, the higher the chance that there will be issues with the domain name in the future. This could include issues with emails not being delivered to recipients, due to theft of the domain name or loss of the domain name completely. Anyone can check the DNP Score of any domain name, as long as the domain name is registered.

DNProtect provides this service for free on their website:

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