Spotinst rebrands as Spot and Introduces Cloud Insight Tool

Spotinst rebrands as Spot; launches first insight tool that identifies and automatically manages performance, availability and cost of cloud infrastructure

  • Spot’s unique new product, Cloud Analyzer uses proprietary machine learning and automation to connect visibility with automated management of cloud infrastructure to scale usage, save money and reduce strain on CloudOps teams

  • Spot currently helps more than 800 companies in over 50 countries - including Intel, Ticketmaster and Duolingo - reduce cloud costs by up to 80% and improve uptime

  • The company has raised $52.6M in VC funding from Intel Capital, Vertex Ventures and Highland Europe

25 MARCH, 2020 - OpinePR 🎯- Spotinst, now Spot – the leader in software for modern CloudOps – today unveiled a new company name and brand while launching a new product, Cloud Analyzer. Using Cloud Analyzer, any company can, for the first time, have rich visibility and recommendations that automate performance and availability and minimize costs across all their cloud accounts.

“In unstable times such as those we are all facing today, organisations must be able to adapt and align their cloud infrastructure and costs, as well as their ability to scale up or down, with their constantly changing and unpredictable needs,” said Amiram Shachar, Founder & CEO of Spot. “Using machine learning algorithms, automation, and now with broader visibility into spend and usage - Cloud Analyzer is able to free up CloudOps teams to deploy applications fast, while maintaining uptime at lowest possible cloud infrastructure costs”

Cloud Analyzer provides a holistic view into all of a company’s multi cloud accounts, spending trends and anomalies, gaining unprecedented visibility into every potential opportunity to optimise their cloud. Cloud Analyzer integrates with Spot’s other products to automatically eliminate the inefficiencies it has identified, and make it possible for CloudOps to handle huge changes in demand.

Since its launch in 2015, Spot’s advanced machine learning software uses automation and analytics to continuously optimise cloud infrastructure. It has been used by some of the world’s most successful companies – such as Samsung and Sony – to save millions on their cloud infrastructure costs and maintain performance and availability.

Companies are experiencing failures and outages as a result of sudden fluctuations in demand of cloud services.

“In recent weeks we have seen dramatic shifts: 10-20X greater fluctuation in cloud infrastructure. We are hearing that DIY solutions are failing as they try to keep up with this volatility, making it clear data driven automation is critical at this time,” said Kevin McGrath, CTO Spot.

Cloud Analyzer not only helps companies understand and manage loads, it also identifies significant savings opportunities for customers. Early testing has identified hundreds of thousands and even multi-million-dollar potential savings for a range of companies including a regional financial services company, a marketing software solution company and a communications company..

"Cloud Analyzer connects cloud cost visibility and recommendations with the concrete ability to optimize cloud cost and utilization," said Or Tzabari, Senior Director of Production Engineering, SimilarWeb, which has been testing the product.

"Cloud Analyzer perfectly complements Spot's suite of cloud management solutions, providing a single platform where we can go from seeing optimisation opportunities to easily and continuously implementing them,” said Silvio Pereira, CEO of Spot channel partner RealCloud.

Cloud Analyzer brings value to enterprises as well as managed service providers (MSPs). As part of its future plans for Cloud Analyzer, Spot is currently working with partners to deliver a tailored version of Cloud Analyzer that will enable MSPs to provide their customers with insights into cloud usage and to maximize the cost efficiency of their offerings.

Cloud Analyzer is now generally available. Spot will be hosting a complimentary webinar about Cloud Analyzer and its capabilities on April 7; to register for this webinar visit

For additional information, you can also visit the Spot website at

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About Spot

Spot, formerly Spotinst, is a leading provider of software that empowers CloudOps team to get the most out of their cloud. Its product portfolio helps companies optimize and automate their cloud use to maximize the value and availability of their cloud infrastructure while minimizing waste. Through the use of actionable visibility and insight, Spot continuously and automatically improves efficiency in real-time. Founded by Amiram Shachar and Liran Polak in 2015, Spot currently has over 180 staff across offices in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Tel Aviv and London.

Editor’s Notes

*Typical examples of where savings can be made include through use of Spot Instances, Reserved Instances, Right-Sizing and managing idle/wasted resources.

CloudOps is best practices, processes and tools applied to successfully deploying and operating modern applications in the cloud. The key components of cloud ops:

  • [DevOps] Software build and deployment (CI / CD)

  • [FinOps] Continuous optimization

  • [SecOps] Security and governance

Industry analysts predict that public cloud spending will grow from $229 billion in 2019 to nearly $500 billion over the next three years, yet Gartner forecasts that 80 percent of organizations will overshoot their spending budgets.

Where does Cloud Analyzer fit within the Spot portfolio

  • Cloud Analyzer provides actionability visibility and insights into cloud usage and efficiency

  • Elastigroup offers scalability and performance for stateful and stateless applications

  • Eco manages reserved capacity commitment planning and purchasing

  • Ocean provides a serverless container engine for the cloud

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