The Cloud Network is Curated by Opine Media Group

The Cloud Network is Curated by Opine Media Group

The Cloud Network on Twitter @TheCloudNetwork joined Twitter on March 2009 and now is over 10 years old. Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive independent aggregation of News, Blogs, Careers, Events, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, and more.

The Cloud Network is curated by @OpineMediaGroup.

We have supported many startups who were never heard of before and have gone on to become larger Cloud Computing Companies or acquired by other Companies.

We provide the ability to add your Cloud Computing Content to our aggregation feeds to give you the most out of your Social Media Marketing Reach by posting to our various Twitter Feeds. This content is Targeted directly to Twitter Accounts and is posted usually within hours of submission.

Additionally we promote your content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Flipboard and other Social Media Platforms.

Content can be submitted using the associated email address:

Cloud Computing Press Releases - posted to @TheCloudNetwork

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Cloud Computing Blog Posts - posted to @CloudBlogs

Cloud Computing Career Ads - posted to @CloudCareers

Cloud Computing Events - posted to @CloudEvent

Cloud Computing Interviews - posted to @CloudInterviews

Cloud Computing Leaders - posted to @CloudLeaders

Cloud Computing Podcasts - posted to @CloudPodcasts

Cloud Computing Videos - posted to @CloudVideos

Cloud Computing Webinars - posted to @CloudWebinars

We thank all those who used our service in the past and encourage you to join our Cloud Computing Network!

Gary E. Smith

Chief Digital Opinator Opine Media Group