TransMedia Group to Put’s Abilities to Make Workplaces


TransMedia Group to Put’s Abilities to Make Workplaces More Innovative on a Higher Media Track

Boca Raton, Fla., March 22, 2021 OpinePR 🎯TransMedia Group will raise media traction for to help them to reach more clients with their ability to make the workplace more encouraging and receptive to innovation and excellence.’s mission is to enhance the products and services through proactive interaction for their clients, including doctors, attorneys, property management companies, small businesses and restaurants.

TransMedia said it will craft and direct’s media and public relations campaigns by helping to increase its presence in the Telecommunications Service Industry as well as such businesses as small restaurants.

“We’re looking forward to working with Darin and and we’re excited to bring them into new niches to deliver on their mission and to bring forth innovative excellence,” says Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group.

TransMedia will pitch to consumers, trade and business publications, and put the company in line for industry-specific awards, in tandem with other PR campaign opportunities.

“We try to determine the best fit for each and every one of our customers because no two customers are the same,” says Darin Gull, General Manager and President of puts together virtualizing customer phone systems with a mix of cloud based and hybrid-cloud based solutions, heeding the needs and goals of their customers’ businesses. To help accomplish its mission, TransMedia plans to broaden media awareness of how much cares about their customers, making sure they are satisfied with services provided. “Our publicity will show how much they look out for their clients’ best interests ahead of their own monetary profits,” said Mazzone.

“We’re different than other companies in our industry because we become your one point of contact for all communication services and any issues you have,” adds Gull.

Media Contact: Karla Hernandez,, 561-768-1773


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