Vodori and p3rceive Team Up to Support Record Growth

Vodori and p3rceive Team Up to Support Record Growth

A Software Success Story in the New Economy

CHICAGO, May 12, 2020 OpinePR 🎯 -- Vodori, a creator of cloud-based software that empowers life sciences companies to bring regulated products to market faster, has partnered with p3rceive to support Vodori's rapid growth. p3rceive, a Chicago based financial software company is the first to bring to market a simulation-based, cloud software application that generates reliable probabilities of future sales and the optimal resource allocations to achieve those goals.

Vodori and p3rceive Team Up to Support Record Growth

"As we bring on additional resources to support our growth, we can't afford to be wrong," says Vodori CEO, Scott Rovegno. "Relying on CRM applications and past experiences isn't sufficient to provide the confidence we need to support our strategic decisions."

Vodori achieved significant growth in 2019 in terms of customer acquisition and revenue. The current climate has further reinforced Vodori's value proposition and has created real urgency in the industry's digital transformation.

"During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to help life science companies accelerate the commercialization of tests, vaccines, and therapies related to the virus and to be able to quickly adapt tactics, channels and messaging for all products. Vodori's Pepper Flow application was created specifically to help life science companies bring products to market faster. We are grateful for the new customer wins and accelerated adoption in this climate and realize that to drive continued growth, we need to thoughtfully invest in the supporting infrastructure. p3rceive helps us model our growth given our processes, staff, and ongoing investments."

"Every C-Suite executive knows the pain of getting their sales projections wrong," says p3rceive CEO, Kurt Johnson. "Building and providing p3rceive's powerful capabilities to small and mid-size companies at such a low cost has been our mission for the last three years."

About Vodori:

Founded in 2005, Vodori is revolutionizing how life science companies move regulated content from ideation through review, approval, and distribution with best-in-class, cloud-based software. Vodori's success stems from a commitment to unparalleled product design and usability, decades of industry knowledge, and world-class customer service.

Vodori is the creator of the Pepper Cloud Product Suite, which encompasses Pepper Flow Commercial, Pepper Folio, and Pepper Flow Digital Review.

For more information, visit vodori.com.

About p3rceive:

p3reive is a leader is sales simulation SAAS software, providing a proprietary AI & Machine Learning platform that utilizes client's existing data and throughput scenario modelling, to optimize sales and growth solutions by providing deep insight into an enterprise's sales ecosystem. p3rceive is a K8 Ventures company, a venture builder studio that takes market driven technology ideas from the napkin to post revenue through a rigorous six-stage creation process.

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